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Please, sign the petition below in support of dog and cat breeder regulation in Minnesota. We will submit it to your state legislators. If you do not live in Minnesota or the United States, you can still sign the petition. While we cannot submit it to Minnesota legislators, we will email you with news and updates.



Please support the MN Dog and Cat Breeder Bill: S.F. 36/H.F. 84

The Goal of Breeder Regulation: Healthy and Safe Dogs and Cats

Minnesota is among the top producers of puppies in the United States, with some of the largest breeding kennels in the nation. Kittens are also mass-produced in Minnesota.

The State of Minnesota does not license, inspect or regulate the dog and cat breeding industry. Due to this lack of oversight, certain breeders cut corners in their operations, creating substandard or deplorable breeding conditions that harm animals.

I believe dogs and cats deserve to be treated humanely. I believe consumers must be protected from being sold unhealthy puppies and kittens. I believe dog and cat breeders should act responsibly and, like any other business, follow high standards of conduct.

I support S.F. 36/H.F. 84, which will license, inspect and regulate commercial dog and cat breeders in Minnesota.

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YES, I purchased or rescued a dog or cat from a Minnesota breeder or pet store who ended up having physical or psychological health problems. I am willing to tell my story.


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PRIVACY POLICY: We request personal information, such as your address, to determine which local and state politicians represent you. Your petition is then submitted to your State legislators. Any information you give to Animal Folks MN will be kept strictly confidential — for use by Animal Folks MN/Animal Folks only. We will not sell, share or rent this information.


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