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This is grassroots. Your help is needed. It requires deliberate action to change how people treat animals. Minnesotans have the opportunity to set an example.


What you can do to: Help fight animal cruelty in breeding facilities

1. Learn more.

Explore this website. View the videos. Know the issue and understand why change is needed in regards to the breeding, buying and selling of dogs and cats.

2. Tell others.

Go to Downloads and download, print and distribute materials in your community. Encourage others to adopt a dog or cat and save a life. Forward this website to others.

3. Report it.

It all starts with a complaint. If you see or suspect animal neglect or cruelty, report it to local law enforcement and the Animal Humane Society. To learn how, go to Report it


MORE ACTIONS: Help pass the Dog and Cat Breeder Bill

Animal anti-cruelty laws kick in after the neglect or cruelty has happened and a complaint has been filed. Help prevent animal cruelty before it happens by supporting the Dog and Cat Breeder Bill, which will license, inspect and regulate commercial dog and cat breeders.

For specific actions, see below.

1. Contact your State legislators.

Call or email your State legislators and educate them about inhumane dog and cat breeding and the need to license and inspect commercial dog and cat breeding facilities. Ask them to vote in favor of the Dog and Cat Breeder Bill. NOTE: On April 3, the House Omnibus Supplemental Appropriations Bill, which contained the Dog and Cat Breeder Bill (H.F. 84), passed in the MN House. The Senate bill (S.F. 36) has not yet been heard on the Senate floor. See Follow The Vote.

2. Sign petition.

Sign the online petition (supporting legislation to regulate dog and cat breeders) and join "include me." Get at least 10 friends, work colleagues or family members to sign the petition. Our strength is in numbers.

3. Write a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper.

Write a letter to the editor in your local newspaper about puppy mills and the need for regulation of the dog and cat breeding industry.


Please donate money to Animal Folks MN to help support our research, advocacy and legislative (lobbying) efforts.

5. Tell your story.

If you have purchased or rescued a dog or cat from a pet store, website or directly from a Minnesota breeder and this animal was unhealthy (physically or psychologically), please send us your story. We need your voice. These stories give proof that inhumane breeding is a problem that impacts animals and consumers.


Want to do even more?

6. Adopt, don't shop.

Teach people why it's best to adopt from their local shelter or rescue group (reduces euthanasia). Educate others to: 1) Never buy a puppy or kitten from a pet store — unless it’s ‘adoption days’ through a humane society or rescue group. 2) Never buy a puppy or kitten directly from a website, through a classified ad or at a parking lot — insist on seeing the animal’s parents and living conditions. Attend pet store protests.

7. Run ads.

Run a classified ad in your local newspaper in the “pet” section warning people not to buy unless they first meet the breeder and see the mother and breeding conditions. Many inhumane dog and cat breeders sell through newspapers.

8. Volunteer.

Your local humane society or rescue group needs help. Volunteer to foster a dog or cat, help at fund-raising events or care for animals within a shelter.

9. Get involved with your government.

LOCAL: Pay attention to what’s happening within your city and county governments — and with the State. Businesses that produce and handle animals (including dog and cat breeders) may be required to follow ordinances and obtain permits, which can influence how animals are treated. Attend hearings and voice your opinion.

FEDERAL: Contact your federal legislators and ask what they will do to improve the Animal Welfare Act in regards to commercial breeding facilities and to encourage the USDA to provide stronger enforcement of USDA standards. To contact your Congressman or Congresswoman, call 1-202-224-3121. This is the Congressional switchboard in Washington D.C.; they will connect you with your U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator. (This is federal, not state.)


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