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David Backes (Professional Hockey Player) and Kelly Backes SPEAK UP for Minnesota Dogs & Cats and Support S.F. 36/H.F. 84

To view 30 second video on YOUTUBE:

To view on VIMEO: (same video)

David and Kelly Backes Support MN Dog and Cat Breeder Bill

David and Kelly Backes were both born and raised in Blaine, Minnesota and are well-known advocates for animal protection and welfare. David is a professional NHL hockey player, Captain of the St. Louis Blues and also a member of the 2010 USA Men's Olympic Silver Medal Hockey team. David and Kelly served on the Board of Directors at Five Acres Animal Shelter, a nonprofit animal shelter in St. Charles, Missouri where Kelly also served as the Board Vice President for two years. They consider Minnesota home - a place where they spend their off season and deeply care about the well-being of dogs and cats confined and bred in Minnesota breeding facilities. Both David and Kelly have seen firsthand the deplorable conditions within some breeding facilities and have witnessed the physical and mental damage to animals who live in these kennels. All of their animals (four dogs and two cats) are rescued. One of their dogs, a beagle named BB, spent 8 years caged at a puppy mill and was bred repeatedly, suffering both physically and mentally. David and Kelly Backes support the Minnesota Dog and Cat Breeder Bill (S.F. 36/H.F. 84) and the need for regulation of commercial dog and cat breeders, and encourage others to also speak up for Minnesota dogs and cats.

Animal Folks MN and all of us who support S.F. 36/H.F. 84 thank David and Kelly Backes for their willingness to speak up and make a difference in the lives of animals.

Also, Animal Folks MN would like to thank Video Producers Mike Rivard and Dan Polsfuss for donating their time and talents in producing the video; and Mike Tincher of T Design for his donation of time with design.



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