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KEY MESSAGE: On September 14, 2011, the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) license of Minnesota dog breeder Kathy Bauck was permanently revoked and Bauck is disqualified from obtaining an AWA license again. All of her animals (except six dogs total) were required to be sold or donated by September 12, 2011. Details of this Consent Decision are below.


We apologize for the graphic photo below. But to truly understand the actions of this breeder and the suffering of animals, the truth must be shown. This is one example why people, for years, have tried to get authorities to hold commercial breeders, such as Kathy Bauck, who profit from the breeding and selling of dogs, accountable for their actions.


Photo from CAPS undercover investigation.



"5/24/08: After lunch, I heard Rhonda say that the Mastiff in the Red Barn was "still seizing." I noted the time as 12:21 when I saw the Mastiff was lying on the ground convulsing, a large amount of blood and saliva spilling out of her mouth. Much of the blood appeared congealed, indicating she had been vomiting it and convulsing for some time. Kathy [Bauck] said that Alan [Bauck] had to put the dog down, and told us to immediately find him. I found him in the Holding Barn, cleaning out a bucket at the bath tub. I told him Kathy wanted him to put down the Mastiff, and he said, "Yeah, I got to put him down." I waited for Alan until 12:38, when he got a towel over the Mastiff's head and had me help him carry her into the back of his truck. Kathy also had me get the Shih Tzu with the injured eye in a pen just south of him out, so that Alan could kill it as well. I held the Shih Tzu outside the nothern end of the Red Barn and waited for about 10 minutes, however, while Alan went over to talk to someone who was in a pick-up truck with a white trailer attached to it just north of the Condos. Alan then came walking up with a black Pug in a crate. I asked him if he was going to put the Pug down as well, and he said, "Yeah." He put the Shih Tzu in another crate and then drove off west of the Red Barn, though I do not know where he went after that. About 15 minutes later I saw his truck west of the New Barn while Kathy, Yvonne, and I were doing heat checks at the eastern end of the Hay Shed.

5/26/08: This morning I asked Rhonda if the Mastiff that was seizing yesterday was seizing all morning, and she replied, "All day." At lunch break I asked Alan if he shot the dog, and he nodded. He then told me that the only time he's had trouble shooting dogs was when he shot a Chocolate Labrador, and his .22 bullet bounced off the dog's skull. He said he then shot the dog in its ear."



The above incident (one of multiple examples) was witnessed and reported through an undercover investigation conducted in 2008 by the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS). Jason Smith, a CAPS investigator, was employed by Kathy Bauck at her kennel.

This story, along with other video and reports, was reported to the Otter Tail County Sheriff Department, and resulted in Kathy Bauck being found guilty of animal torture by a jury verdict in 2009.

The court, however, as part of the sentencing, did not order the animals to be seized — and Kathy Bauck was allowed to continue breeding and selling dogs.

For over 25 years, Bauck held an Animal Welfare Act (AWA) license, which allowed her to sell puppies to pet stores throughout the United States. This federal license is administered by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

In 2010, however, based on the findings of the trial and other matters, the USDA-APHIS terminated Kathy Bauck's license for two years.

Many assumed her kennel was shut down at that time; it was not. An AWA license only applies to breeders/brokers who sell wholesale, such as to pet stores. Kathy Bauck could continue selling puppies and dogs through retail — such as through the Internet, from ads, or from her kennel, which she did.

But this breeder also did more than just retail sales — she continued to sell to pet stores, which was in violation of the Animal Welfare Act as she no longer had an AWA license.



Kathy Bauck continued breeding and selling dogs, but the USDA also continued to monitor her activities.

And on December 7, 2010, a Complaint was filed by the USDA against Kathy Bauck, Allan Bauck (her husband), Corinne Peters (her daughter), Janet Jesuit (her sister) and Peggy Weise (another dog breeder) stating that they had all participated in the business and had violated the Animal Welfare Act.

On June 14, 2011, a 60-page Amended Complaint with additional allegations was filed, providing further proof the respondents (above) had violated the Animal Welfare Act.

Then, on September 14, 2011, an agreement was reached (called a Consent Decision) between the USDA-APHIS and Kathy Bauck which specified:

License revoked: Kathy Bauck's Animal Welfare Act (AWA) license was revoked and she is permanently disqualified from obtaining an AWA license or registation. This order also applies to Allan Bauck (Kathy Bauck's husband).

Cease and Desist: Kathy and Allan Bauck shall cease and desist from violating the Animal Welfare Act, and stop any activity for which an AWA license is required.

Donate/sell animals: Kathy and Allan Bauck were required to sell or donate the animals under their custody or control or on any of their premises. They are allowed to keep six dogs total (3 of which can be intact females). The animals needed to be sold or donated by September 12, 2011.

$100,000 penalty: Kathy and Allan Bauck were assessed a civil penalty of $100,000, of which $5,000 was to be paid within 25 days of the Order and the remaining $95,000 would be held in abeyance — which means, if they do not comply with the Order, they will have to pay the $95,000.

Enforcement: The Secretary of Agriculture retains jurisdiction of this matter to enforce the terms of this Consent Decision, and ensure compliance.

The above also applies to their corporation, Pine Lake Enterprises. A separate Consent Decision was reached with Corrine Peters and Janet Jesuit. They, too, are disqualified from ever holding an AWA license. Corinne/Janet are allowed to have 6 dogs, of which 3 can be intact females. (Unlike with Bauck's Decision, their Decision states that "dogs" excludes any puppies less than 12 weeks of age.)

NOTE: Peggy Weise, another Minnesota dog breeder, was also included within the USDA's Complaint. She, along with Bauck, sold dogs to New York pet stores. Her case was dismissed but it may be under appeal. 

Consent Decision As To Respondents: Kathy Jo Bauck, Allan Bauck, and Pine Lake Enterprise

Consent Decision As To Respondents: Corinne A. Peters and Janet Jesuit



For many years, Minnesotans (and non-Minnesotans) have filed complaints and taken actions to stop Kathy Bauck from hurting animals. This collective and persistent effort has raised awareness about this dog breeder and about puppy mills in general.

The undercover efforts of the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS), in particular, were invaluable in documenting animal cruelty within Pick Of The Litter. CAPS has continued to monitor this breeder, and submitted their reports and video to the USDA.

Following Kathy Bauck's trial in 2009, Animal Folks MN tracked this breeder's pets sales and found evidence that Bauck had continued to sell puppies to pet stores in New York, even though her AWA license had been terminated. Animal Folks MN submitted this information, with Certificates of Veterinary Inspection, as a formal complaint to the USDA during 2010 and 2011.

These collective efforts led to the Consent Decision and Kathy Bauck's USDA license being permanently revoked.


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NOTE: Thanks to John Fahrendorf for his countless hours gathering CVIs, and to Brittany D. and Kris M. for their numerous hours entering data. Thanks too to Mary M. and Barbara Dennihy (New York) for their assistance, and to Pat. O. for financial support.


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