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KEY MESSAGE: The Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) conducted an undercover investigation of Kathy Bauck's breeding facility in 2008. The findings were horrific, as they and others suspected. CAPS filed a complaint with the local sheriff.



Photo credit CAPS; severely hurt husky at Pick Of The Litter kennel.

As recorded on the CAPS undercover video, Bauck denies treatment and says,

"I can't hardly sew it up, gonna have to heal."


2008 Undercover Investigation

In 2008, the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) conducted an undercover investigation of Pick Of The Litter (aka Puppies On Wheels) in Minnesota, owned and operated by Kathy Bauck.

Jason Smith, a CAPS investigator, was employed as a worker within the kennel. His findings, including the video and reports below, were reported to the Otter Tail County (MN) Sheriff Department and this data led to multiple animal cruelty charges against Kathy Bauck. A jury convicted Bauck of four misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and torture. The judge sentenced Bauck to one count of animal torture.

To view video of the undercover investigation:

VIDEO: CAPS Video of Undercover Investigation (Kathy Bauck)


To read reports of undercover investigation:

CAPS Undercover Employment Investigation Report Part 1

CAPS Undercover Employment Investigation Report Part 2

Photo page of animals hurt

CAPS Undercover Employment Investigation Report on Specific Dogs

The above links are posted with permission from CAPS. All information can also be found on the CAPS website:

Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS): Kathy Bauck Intro

Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS): Investigations

For explanation of charges, trial and sentencing, go to: Trial and Sentencing


Earlier Investigations

CAPS had conducted earlier investigations of this dog breeder, starting in 1997. Reports, photos and video of these investigations can be found on the CAPS website at:

1997 Pick Of The Litter Investigation

2002 Pick Of The Litter Investigation

2003 Pick Of The Litter Investigation


As described by CAPS (2008 investigation):

"Most conditions at Pick of the Litter Kennels which appear relevant to the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office are those that would violate Statute 343.21 Subd.1-Torture, in that most of the cruelty that occurred was in the form of neglect of dogs that required veterinary care and did not receive it, or received inadequate veterinary care from the kennel owners self-diagnosing animals that went through prolonged deteriorating states. In addition, it appears as though the kennel owners are practicing veterinary medicine without a license, in violation of Statute 156.10 Unlawful Practice Without License or Permit; Gross Misdemeanor. Kathy Bauck and her daughter Corinne have given the pain killer Banamine and penicillin shots to dogs that are sick and injured without being seen by a licensed veterinarian, and without the medicine being prescribed to the dogs being medicated, which appears to be in violation of Statute 156.12 Subd.1-Practice.


Photo from CAPS investigation; Channel 2 News.

As documented on undercover video, Bauck and employees would dip animals

in Prolate/Lintox-HD which is harmful to humans and animals.

Of concern is also how the dogs are dipped, which involves submerging dogs in a tub of Prolate-Lintox HD poured into water, which is not meant for dogs or to be put in an animals’ eyes, nose, or mouth. The dip is designed for cattle and swine, and is corrosive to skin and the eyes, gives off harmful fumes when breathed in and can not be swallowed. Employees are offered rain suits, but no gloves, eye protection, or breathing masks. These intentional acts, with all of the kennel owners participating or present, caused direct suffering of the animals and are included in this report as a possible violation of Statute 343.21 Subd.7-Cruelty.

Information provided in this report on Pick of the Litter Kennels, including instances of neglect and cruelty, can be verified by video/audio documentation of the acts themselves, and/or conversations with kennel owners or employees explaining how certain acts of neglect occurred. What appear to be the most egregious acts of neglect and cruelty are documented, with relevant footage to back up the claims listed by each instance.

Documentation was done with a covert video camera and microphone, recorded onto an MPEG 2 format flash card in a Sting recording device. In two instances, pictures and video were taken with a Samsung Blackjack 2 cellular phone. The investigator was wired every other day, to alleviate suspicion on if they were wearing a camera and how it would be concealed, so video and audio documentation are not available for every day the investigator was working at the kennel. Field notes, however, were typed up by the investigator every day, done at night within hours of that day’s work."


DONATE: Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) is a nonprofit organization that investigates animal cruelty in breeding facilities and pet stores throughout the United States. Their investigation efforts are possible through your donation. Please support CAPS: Companion Animal Protection Society


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