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KEY MESSAGE: The animal cruelty within Pick Of The Litter was not a one-time, one dog occurrence. Reports and complaints show Kathy Bauck was a chronic offender, following business practices and creating conditions that harmed multiple dogs and puppies.

NOTE: Below are a few stories that cover just a six week period (when the CAPS investigator was employed at the kennel). Bauck has operated for over 25 years. Photos are pulled from the CAPS undercover investigation video. To view the full video and written reports, go to: CAPS Undercover Investigation


Photo from CAPS investigation video; video used within trial.

Pekingese was thrashing, seizing and left unattended, eventually died.


Photo from CAPS investigation video. Emaciated, pregnant dog.

Other pregnant or nursing dogs were also seen, with hips, ribs and spines visible.



Animals, when used within business, are viewed differently by some business owners. They are seen as an investment. If sick, harmed or requiring veterinary care, that investment becomes a cost. Alleviating suffering becomes an expense.

Animals are also legally defined as property — and some owners, such as Kathy Bauck, have stated that "puppies belong to her and she can do anything she wants with her own animals." (Per Statement of Probable Cause, April 2008) Rather than view each animal individually as life with the capacity to feel pain or suffer, these type of breeders appear to see animals as property — as populations, breeding stock, commodities or products to generate income. Based on this definition and use, the animals are disposable.

This viewpoint is in direct conflict with the values and viewpoints of many other people.

It's important to understand this difference.

This attitude about animals appears to be shared by some authorities. Multiple examples of animal mistreatment within this kennel are cited below, yet the court reduced Bauck's sentence to one count and stated "the facts in the case suggested neglect, not intentional, malicious treatment." (Per The Daily Journal, Fergus Fall, May 2, 2009)

The question is, what defines malicious and intentional? If a person clearly sees and/or hears about an animal that is hurt and suffering and deliberately chooses to do nothing and deny the animal the care he or she needs, is that not intentional — and, therefore, malicious? Intentional means done with intention, deliberately or on purpose.

The law is critical in fighting animal abuse. But the interpretation of that law and the breeder's attitude as to what is acceptable business conduct are just as critical.

NOTE: The law referenced above (and used in the trial) is the Minnesota animal anti-cruelty statute. This law, while absolutely necessary, kicks in after the cruelty has already occurred — and if someone reports it, if it is investigated, if it is prosecuted and if it is properly sentenced. There are no state laws in Minnesota to license, inspect or regulate dog and cat breeders — which would help prevent the cruelty before it happens. Help pass a state law (H.F. 702/S.F. 462) to regulate commercial dog/cat breeders in Minnesota.


Multiple stories are posted below; all of which were observed and data collected by the CAPS investigator. Over 50 dogs requiring care were found at this kennel during a six week period — from April 16, 2008 to May 27, 2008, as noted below. One of the main problems in these cases is the lack of appropriate and prompt care for each dog.

The full list of 51 dogs/dog conditions is below. A few stories with photos are posted.

Detailed written reports about each dog are at: CAPS Undercover Investigation


Photo from CAPS investigation video. Per CAPS Investigation Report:

Bichon had a stillborn and two live puppies; "one puppy came out dead after it was pulled

to pieces with surgical clamps by Kathy, Corinne and Andy." Mother found dead.


Photo from CAPS investigation video. Emaciated adult dog.


Photo from CAPS investigation video. Per CAPS Investigation Report:

Adult female Pug with massively swollen right eyeball; improved then got worse. 


Photo from CAPS investigation video. Per CAPS Investigation Report:

Female white American Bulldog with open facial tears and permanent limp.


Photo from CAPS investigation video. Per CAPS Investigation report:

Dead mother Cocker Spaniel; puppies were emaciated.


Photo from CAPS investigation video. Per CAPS Investigation Report:

Rat Terrier mix mother with her dead puppy.


Photo from CAPS investigation video. Per CAPS Investigation Report:

Shih Tzu with left eye hanging out. Eyeball dried up and dog was finally killed.







Date Condition





1 Black Lab Employee found dog alive and bleeding; dead shortly thereafter 4/16/08 -- Found dead in incinerator
2 Maggie - female Eng. Bulldog in New Barn Swollen and bloody ears and face, mucus film covering eyes 4/18/08 None Condition lasted through 5/28; Maggie became increasingly emaciated
3 Female German Shepherd in New Barn Emaciated; wounded ear 4/18/08 Unknown Ear healed; stayed emaciated and developed sores on her ankles by 5/14/08
4 Female Pug in New Barn Vein-like protusions covering eyeballs; appears blind 4/19/08 Unknown Condition persisted
5 Female Am. Bulldog in New Barn Open wound on inside of front right leg 4/19/08 Unknown Gradually healed over several weeks
6 Gray and white kitten in Red Barn Emaciated and dying 4/20/08 Placed with a nursing Pekingese Dead by 4/21/08
7 Seven whelping Schnauzer pups Bleeding, clipped ears 4/22/08 Unknown One became emaciated on 4/23/08
8 Female Am. Bulldog in Big Barn Facial wounds, limping with front right paw in air 4/22/08 Bleach water on wounds Dog constantly limped during entire investigation; wounds became infected and eventually healed
9 Nursing female Shih Tzu in Red Barn Emaciated; bumps on eyeballs 4/23/08 Unknown Gradually gained weight
10 White French Bulldog pup in New Barn Broken hip 4/23/08 Taken to vet and hip was pinned Dropped by employee; began walking again after surgery
11 Two white Poodle mix puppies from a nursing litter of seven in the New Barn Emaciated, mucus discharge from noses, raspy breathing 4/23/08 Nebulizer Condition persisted until one eventually died on 5/17/08
12 White Bichon Fear biter 4/24/08 Given a sedative by Kathy Dog was sedated to be groomed
13 Two whelping Bichon puppies Dead 4/27/08 None Had close-cropped tails
14 Sheltie Over a dozen bleeding bite wounds 4/27/08 Unknown Wounds healed
15 Three Schnauzer puppies in Red Barn Docked tails 4/30/08 Unknown Puppies were born on 4/28/08
16 Female Pug in Red Barn Injured eye bulging out of her head 4/30/08 Treated with an ointment on 5/01/08 Wound began to heal after treatment and then became reinfected and worsened; eventually the dog was culled and disappeared
17 Whelping adult yellow Lab and puppies in New Barn Emaciated and lethargic 4/30/08 Oxytocin injection Mother recovered and puppies died
18 Female Golden Retriever in New Barn Two-inch long, open infected facial wound 4/30/08 Unknown Wound remained infected before gradually closing over
19 Pregnant female English Springer Spaniel Emaciated, raspy cough, thick mucus discharge from nose and left eye 5/01/08 Denied treatment while pregnant, given a penicillin and gentomicin injection while nursing, puppies were given a sugar-syrup Mother gradually gained weight after her puppies became emaciated and died
20 Three Poodle puppies in Holding Barn Shivering in the barn with the heat turned off 5/02/08 Employee turned the heat on --
21 Bichon in Hay Shed Fear biter 5/03/08 Sedative Dog was sedated to be groomed
22 Male Pekingese in Hay Shed Seizing, cold 5/03/08 None Dog was placed in a pen with other dogs in the Red Barn; died by 5/04/08
23 Pregnant Bichon with microchip#065-822-819 in Red Barn Lethargic, stillborn and live puppy and other puppy wouldn't birth 5/05/08 Calcium sulfate injection; Kathy pulled a puppy out with an unwashed hand and slapped the puppy hard while blowing air into the puppy hard to get it to breath; Kathy, Corinne and Andy pulled another puppy out in pieces with surgical clamps The live puppy died about two hours after birthing, the mother died 05/09/08
24 English Bulldog in Barn next to Condos Open wounds on swollen, infected left rear leg and left ear 5/07/08 Penicillin and banmine Eventually healed but remained lethargic
25 Nursing Chi/Min Pin mother with microchip ## 086-629-333 in Red Barn Dead 5/09/08 Her three puppies were placed to nurse with another dog --
26 Two puppies in Red Barn nursing with Cockalier with microchip # 086-124-809 Dead 5/09/08 -- --
27 Husky in Driveway Barn Open wound about eight inches in diameter on its right side 5/09/08 Penicillin injection Wound appeared to heal but the skin stayed open over it
28 All dogs on the property -- 5/09/08 - 5/16/08 Dipped in Prolate/Lintox-HD solution Dogs with open wounds were dipped, some large dogs were given a powdered insecticide instead
29 Female Eng. Bulldog in the barn near the Condos Mucus discharge from left eye and nostrils 5/10/08 None Alan Bauck told me the dog was blind and "would be fine"
30 White Standard Poodle Swollen left rear foot with an open wound 5/10/08 Allan took the dog into the Red Barn --
31 Female Maltese from Red Barn Pus covered sore on the right side of her neck 5/14/08 None; dog was dipped --
32 Male Mastiff from the Big Barn Severely emaciated with deep bloody sores on his legs and an open wound on he bottom of his left ear 5/14/08 Penicillin/gentomicin injection, ivomec Dog was moved from the Big Barn to the Red Barn, never put on weight and seizured, vomited blood and was killed with a .22 rifle by Alan Bauck on 5/24/08
33 Bulldog mix from the barn near the Condos Hard pink bulge near left eye 5/14/08 Dipped Kathy's daughter Corinne said dipping the dog would cure the dog
34 Eng. Bulldog from the Condos Open sore between flaps of skin on her right cheek, mucus discharge from both eyes which are clouded over, and puffed up, pink sores that are bleeding in between her toes 5/15/08 None --
35 Wyatt, black and white Boggle from the New Barn Runny nose, raspy cough, lethargic 5/15/08 Unknown Placed with a sick white Poodle mix pup and Schnauzer pup named Peanut; Wyatt worsened and died
36 Eng. Mastiff from the Big Barn Open, infected sore on her head 5/16/08 None The dog was dipped; Kathy stated the head wouldn't be dipped, but the dog's head was submerged in dip anyway
37 Dogs of various breeds in cages hidden in the woods south of the kennel One pen had no water 5/16/08 I filled the water dish --
38 Peanut, a Schnauzer puppy in the Red Barn Dead 5/17/08 -- Was in a pen with a sick white Poodle mix pup and Wyatt, a sick black and white Boggle pup
39 Cocker Spaniel puppy from the New Barn; two white puppies from an unknwon litter placed on a counter of the new Barn Dead 5/17/08 -- --
40 Shih Tzu from the Dollar Barn Left eye protruding out of its head 5/17/08 Unknown The dog's condition did not improve and was eventually killed with a .22 rifle by Alan on 5/24/08
41 Lilly, brown and white female Bulldog puppy in an outdoor pen west of the Red Barn Lethargic, mucus discharge from her nose 5/19/08 Unknown --
42 Dogs of various breeds in cages hidden in the woods south of the kennel Without food and water 5/19/08 I gave them food and water Unknown how long they were without food and water
43 Shetland pony on the kennel property Overgrown hooves curving upwards 5/20/08 None --
44 Female tan Pug in the Freedom Barn Dead 5/21/08 -- Found dead and bloody, appeared to have died from a dog fight
45 Black and white Shih Tzu puppy in the New Barn Dead 5/22/08 -- Pup had five live littermates
46 Black whelping Cocker Spaniel with microchip # 065-032-383 in the Red Barn Dead 5/22/08 -- Had three emaciated puppies
47 Rat Terrier puppy in the Red Barn Dead 5/22/08 -- Had a mother with microchip # 091-012-775 and six littermates
48 11 dogs of various breeds in cages hidden in the woods south of the kennel Left in crates for about 12 hours and 45 minutes without food or water 5/23/08 Taken out of crates and placed in cages Dogs were moved into crates to be shaved and then placed back in the crates but remained there overnight
49 Golden Retriever in the Big Barn Limped with front right paw in the air 5/26/08 Unknown --
50 Female Bichon from the Hay Shed Bite wounds and seizing 5/26/08 None I found the dog seizing and showed her to Kathy, who had me place her in a cage and then went off to plant flowers instead of treating the dog; on 5/28/08 the dog was still covered in blood from her wounds and was walking in right-hand circles while continuously falling down
51 Two newborn Yorkie puppies from the Dollar Barn Dead 5/27/08 -- --


All data above is from the CAPS investigation.


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