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Only specific breeders are required to be licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) — those that breed or broker dogs/cats and sell to pet stores.

If the breeder is licensed by the USDA or if it should be, the USDA can send an investigator to the facility. If the facility is not licensed with the USDA, contact the Animal Humane Society, your local police or sheriff or your local Animal Control department.

The USDA requires certain documents from USDA-licensed breeders and brokers and, per the Animal Welfare Act which it administers, requires certain standards to be followed. If you see or suspect violations of standards or submittal of forms, contact the USDA.

Find out if the facility is USDA-licensed at:

To file a complaint with the USDA (Minnesota breeders), contact:

USDA Regional Office at 919-855-7100

For general information about USDA-Animal Care activities in Minnesota, contact:

Local USDA - Animal Care number: 952-808-0402



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