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Many breeders register puppies with registry companies to market the dogs as "approved" purebreds. In 2010, the American Kennel Club (AKC) suspended Kathy Bauck's privileges for ten years.




Many breeders, such as Kathy Bauck, have used the label "AKC-registered" or other registry companies as a means to market their puppies. This can be deceiving to many consumers who are unaware of registry processes because it suggests to consumers that the animal has a "stamp of approval" — that the dog is healthy or a purebred, when it may not be.

The AKC and other dog registries verify if a dog is purebred, not whether the dog is healthy or if the breeder's conditions and practices are humane.

Recently, even the "purebred" status has been challenged. For years, registry companies have been based on the honor system where the breeder is trusted to complete the paperwork of the dog's breed accurately; some breeders have falsified documents and misled consumers.


American Kennel Club revokes Bauck's privileges for 10 years

On January 11, 2010, the American Kennel Club ("AKC) suspended all AKC privileges for Kathy Bauck. As recorded in the AKC Gazette, February 2010 issue: "The AKC's Management Disciplinary Committee has suspended the following individuals from all AKC privileges for ten years, effective January 11, 2010, and imposed a $2,000 fine for conduct prejudicial to purebred dogs, purebred dog events, or to the best interests of the American Kennel Club based on their violation of the AKC's Cruelty Conviction Policy: Ms. Kathy Jo Bauck A.K.A. Ms. Kathy N. Allan Bauck (New York Mills, MN) Multiple breeds

• View: Bauck privileges suspended by AKC

Editorial Comment: While it is good that the AKC suspended this breeder's privileges, it is disturbing that the privileges were revoked after Kathy Bauck was charged with animal cruelty and convicted of animal torture.


HSUS Report on AKC

In July 2012, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) released a report about the AKC and its link to puppy mills. The AKC has "opposed more than 80 bills and proposals in the last five years that would have implemented common-sense, humane standards of care at large-scale breeding facilities."

Over the past years, the AKC has actively opposed the Minnesota dog and cat breeder bill and encouraged its members to do so. (Past alerts by the AKC in opposition to Minnesota legislation can be found on the Internet.)

Per the report: "AKC consolidated total revenues in 2011 were $59.5 million, 22.88 million of which was from registration fees."

For the HSUS video and 13-page report: AKC Report


Other breed registries

There are numerous breed registries operating in the United States, each providing certificates to "register" the dog's breed.

In addition to the AKC, Kathy Bauck used the American Canine Association (ACA) for registration certificates. This breeder may have also used other registries.

Below is one example of an ACA certificate showing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Kathy Bauck as owner. This dog is no longer under the ownership of Kathy Bauck and New York Kennel.





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