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KEY MESSAGE: Different news reporters (locally and in different states) have covered the various stories about Kathy Bauck and her breeding practices throughout the years. Some of the video and articles are posted here.




Links -- some pages no longer active; articles still listed for historical purposes.

• November 03, 2011: New York Mills breeder permanently barred from selling dogs

• News Story before the trial (November 10, 2008): Puppy Mills Investigated

Quote from video: "I've never met so many liars, cheats and thieves in my entire life as I did in the dog business." - Kathy Bauck, MN dog breeder/broker

• January 11, 2010: USDA Shuts Down Puppy Mill

NOTE: At this time, license was terminated for two years — not shut down.

• March 24, 2009: Bauck says she was sabotaged

• March 20, 2009: Vet: Bauck dipped dogs

• March 9, 2009: Sick Puppies Dog Some Online Purchasers

• January 28, 2009: Five charges against breeder dropped

• January 14, 2009: Animal activists target puppy mills across the state

• November 28, 2008/ Fergus Falls Journal: Probe of Kennel Owner Disputed

• November 20, 2008/HSUS: Investigation Ties Pet Chain to Puppy Mills

• November 11, 2008/Boston: Customers Say Pet Shop Is More Like Puppy Mill

• November 10, 2008/Boston: Puppy Mill Owner Faces Charges (Pick Of The Litter)

• No date: I-TEAM: Inside A Minnesota Puppy Mill

• ALDF: Puppy Mill Operator Kathy Bauck Sentenced on Latest Animal Abuse Conviction

• May 8, 2009: ASPCA Experts Help Secure Puppy Mill Conviction

• May 6, 2009 New York Mills Herald: Bauck receives 20 days for dog torture

• May 2, 2009 Dozens support Bauck at hearing

• May 1, 2009 cbs2: Dog Breeder sentenced to Jail for Animal Torture

• May 1, 2009 Bauck sentenced for dog torturing conviction

• April 27, 2009: No sentence in animal abuse case

• March 26, 2009: Act to prevent further dog abuse
Please note: One of the jurors in the Bauck case posted a comment in this editorial.

• March 25, 2009: Bauck acquitted of felony charges

• March 24, 2009: Mixed Verdict For Breeder Accused Of Animal Abuse

• March 23, 2009: Owner Returns To Witness Stand in Puppy Mill Trial

• March 20, 2009: Accused Puppy Mill Operator Takes Stand In Trial

• March 18, 2009: Puppy Breeder On Trial To Face Abuse Charges

• March 16, 2009: Trial Begins Tuesday in dog case

• November 24, 2008/wcco Channel 4: A rare look inside one Minnesota puppy mill

• November 10, 2008/cbs 2 Chicago: Buy Internet Puppies At Your Peril

• October 10, 2008/cbs 2 Chicago: USDA Considering Action Against Puppy Mill Owner

• October 9, 2008/cbs 2 Chicago: Owner Charged for Horrific Puppy Mill Conditions


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