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KEY MESSAGE: Following the trial, Kathy Bauck was placed on probation. The Minnesota Humane Society (MHS) was instructed to inspect her facilities during the probation. MHS found multiple violations and recommended her probation be extended. The probation period was not extended and no new charges were filed.



Photo from Otter Tail County Probation; from Probation Inspection. Mother with puppies.



Following the guilty verdict of animal torture, a sentencing order for Kathy Bauck was issued on May 1, 2009, which included supervised probation by the Minnesota Humane Society under the authority of the Otter Tail County Probation.

On May 12, 2009, the Minnesota Humane Society contacted the Otter Tail County Probation.

On September 25, 2009, a hearing regarding inspections was held, where Judge Senyk issued an order clarifying the sentence: Inspections should be performed by the Minnesota Humane Society pursuant to MN Statue 343.21 subd. 10 (2). (There are other organizations in Minnesota who are involved with or investigate animal cruelty issues, so clarification was needed.)

Inspections were conducted by the inspection team assembled by the Minnesota Humane Society. Numerous violations and concerns were reported.

• 12/01/09 Inspection of facility

• 12/22/09 Inspection video and report submitted

• 01/08/10 Bauck advised to fix violations from December Inspection

• 02/11/10 Inspection of facility

• 03/15/10 Inspection report and video submitted



The reports below (obtained from the Otter Tail County Probation) cite violations, per the team, pursuant to the Animal Welfare Act and Minnesota statutes. Photos imbedded within reports are poor quality due to copying.

• Copy of Report: December 2009 Probation Inspection Report

• Copy of Report: February 2010 Probation Inspection Report

The conclusion of the MHS inspection team was to extend Kathy Bauck's probation:

"The inspection team is very concerned about the welfare of the dogs at the Puppies on Wheels facility. Overall, the condition of the dogs had deteriorated between the February 11th inspection and the December 1st inspection where numerous dogs with injuries caused by the conditions they are forced to live in. Despite Kathy Bauck's insistence that some of these injuries were being monitored or treated, there was a lack of veterinary records to corroborate these assertions. The inspection team highly recommends extension of Kathy Bauck's probation, to allow continued inspection of the Puppies On Wheels breeding facility."

In April, 2010, the Otter Tail County Probation reported that Bauck had met the requirements of probation and was not in violation of probation conditions so would be released from probation on May 1, 2010. Probation Office conducted one more unannounced inspection prior to release of probation.

Due to violations observed during the probation inspections (per the Animal Welfare Act and MN statutes), Minnesota Humane Society requested in May 2010 that the county pursue charges against Kathy Bauck/Puppies On Wheels.

On May 17, 2010, the Otter Tail County Attorney Office stated they would not pursue new charges against Kathy Bauck.



The Minnesota Humane Society pursued the matter further:

• Contacted and met with the USDA inspector for this kennel to discuss discrepancies between USDA and Probation inspections.

• Sent letter with Probation Inspection Reports and USDA Inspection Reports to the Office of Inspector General (federal) who, in turn, referred the information to the USDA Deputy Administrator for Animal Care. The response by USDA was that Bauck's USDA license had been terminated for two years, so Bauck was no longer under their jurisdiction. They would, however, "continue to monitor Ms. Bauck's activity and take action as appropriate."

• Contacted agent from Otter Tail Probation Office and County Attorney Office with a certified letter in regards to the bulldog (with vaginal prolapse; see below), indicating that Bauck had placed the bulldog with another USDA breeding facility. Office responded that Bauck had taken care of the matter as requested, had met the terms of her probation and was no longer on probation.



Photo from Otter Tail County Probation; from Probation Inspection.

Bulldog above and below; bulldog has vaginal prolapse—documented in report.



Photo from Otter Tail County Probation; from Probation Inspection.

Cage at Bauck's kennel; dog's paws can slip through flooring or cause harm to muscles having to straddle grating. (This was not considered a violation of probation terms.)


Photo from Otter Tail County Probation; from Probation Inspection. Flip-flops as toys.


Photo from Otter Tail County Probation; from Probation Inspection. Mother and pups.


Photo from Otter Tail County Probation; from Probation Inspection.

Food storage — with mold and rodent droppings, as documented in report.


Photo from Otter Tail County Probation; from Probation Inspection.

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