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On February 3, the USDA removed animal welfare documents from the APHIS website. Learn more about this decision and take action.Voice your concern. Go to NEWS.


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LEGISLATIVE SESSION: The Minnesota Legislative session started January 3. Animal Folks MN is at the Capitol, advocating on behalf of animals. Please donate today and support our work. 

• NO MORE PUPPY MILLS CAMPAIGN: Numerous large-scale commercial dog breeding facilities still operate in Minnesota. Learn more about Minnesota puppy mills by clicking ISSUE.

• ANIMAL CRUELTY TRAINING 2017: On February 22 and 23, 2017, Animal Folks held training at the MVMA Annual Conference for veterinarians on their role in animal cruelty investigations. We have a booth all this week at the conference (Hyatt Regency). Stop by! Learn more at: Veterinary Training 

• VETERINARY MANUAL: Reporting Animal Cruelty. Animal Folks has created a manual to assist veterinarians in Minnesota in setting up clinic protocols to identify and report animal cruelty. A pdf version and information for a printed version are available at: Veterinary Manual.

• DATABANK: Animal Folks is conducting a statewide study of animal cruelty cases in Minnesota with volunteers from 3M Legal Affairs. We are analyzing cruelty cases from 2008 to 2016. This data will allow us to assess the type of crimes committed, species harmed, sentencing orders, and other factors which can then be used for animal law training and cruelty prevention programs.

• BREEDERS - WINONA COUNTY: In 2016, AF presented data to Winona County Commissioners during their dscussion of local permitting of multiple dog breeders. Request made for moratorium on further permitting to allow county to study issue; did not pass. For "breeder" report, go to: News-archived  

BREEDER LICENSING: As of July 1, 2015, licensure for commercial dog and cat breeders (those who meet the definition per the Commercial Dog and Cat Breeder Law) became mandatory. Link: List of Licensees





Veterinarian Manual - Reporting Animal Cruelty


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Animal Folks is devoted to systemic change: By partnering with authorities and other community members, Animal Folks is working to build a modern animal law enforcement system in Minnesota for the prevention of animal cruelty and improved enforcement of animal anti-cruelty laws. Animal Folks is a 501c3 nonprofit. Learn more.

Animal Folks MN - Legislative Action is the legislative arm of Animal Folks. As a 501c4 nonprofit, it handles legislative actions, including lobbying, advocacy and education. Learn more.

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