A Minnesota Problem: Puppy and Kitten Mills



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News, Action, and Updates

• NEWS: The HSUS, ASPCA and the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association have filed a legal petition with the USDA to improve the standards of care for dogs in commercial breeding facilitiies. 

• Request for rule-making

• Copy of legal petition (pdf)

DATABANK: Animal Folks is conducting on a statewide study of animal cruelty cases in Minnesota with volunteers from 3M Legal Affairs. We are gathering cruelty case documents for analysis. This data will allow us to assess the type of crimes committed, species harmed, sentencing orders, and other factors which can then be used for animal law training and cruelty prevention programs. See 3M report (p 7) for mention of project and our great partners.

• CASES: For examples of Minnesota dog breeder cases resulting in animal cruelty convictions (Bauck, Rowell, Bell), go to: Issue

BREEDER LICENSING: As of July 1, 2015, licensure for commercial dog and cat breeders (those who meet the definition per the Commercial Dog and Cat Breeder Law) became mandatory. The MN Board of Animal Health gave licenses to two of the largest breeders in the state — one with over 900 dogs and puppies and another with over 1,000 dogs and puppies. Link: List of Licensees

• NEWS: For information on Cecil the Lion, his killer (Minnesotan Walter Palmer), and related issues, go to: Cecil the Lion 

• MN LEGISLATIVE SESSION: Go to: Minnesota State Legislature

NEWS: A complaint was filed by Last Chance for Animals against Christensen Farms (large hog production facility) in Rock County, MN for animal cruelty. For details: Minnesota hog farm suspends 7 over animal abuse video. To view video: Factory Farm 360



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