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NEWS: Minnesota man (trophy hunter Walter Palmer) kills beloved lion, Cecil, in Zimbabwe. Reports state that Palmer and his hunting guides lured Cecil away from the national park, then killed, skinned and beheaded the lion. Palmer is quoted as saying "he doesn't have a golf game" and instead is devoted to big game hunting. Read more and take action. Go to: News: Cecil the Lion 

• HEAT KILLS: Even if the temperature outside is just 70˚F, the temperature inside a vehicle can climb to dangerously high levels in just minutes — and a dog or cat could suffer severe illness or die if left unattended in the car. Learn more about this issue and print the flyer to generate awareness: HEAT KILLS

DATABANK: Animal Folks is working hard on a statewide study of animal cruelty cases in Minnesota with legal volunteers from 3M Legal Affairs. Together, we are gathering cruelty case documents for analysis. This data will allow us to assess the type of crimes committed, species harmed, sentencing orders, if psychological evaluations were ordered and other factors which can then be used for animal law training and cruelty prevention programs. See 3M report (p 7) for mention of project and our great partners.

• EVENT: Animal Folks will be at Paws on Grand in St. Paul (Grand Avenue) on August 2. Stop by and say hello!

BREEDER LICENSING: As of July 1, 2015, licensure for commercial dog and cat breeders (those who meet the definition per the Commercial Dog and Cat Breeder Law) became mandatory. The MN Board of Animal Health gave licenses to two of the largest breeders in the state — one with over 900 dogs and puppies and another with over 1,000 dogs and puppies. Link: List of Licensees

• CASE: MN dog breeder in Cass County found guilty of animal cruelty. Over 130 animals seized but breeder was allowed to continue breeding. The MN Board of Animal Health granted this breeder a state license. READ: Breeder - Rowell

• CASE: MN dog breeder in Dakota County found guilty of 13 felony counts of animal cruelty in 2014. Read about case: Dog Breeder-Dayna Bell

• MN LEGISLATIVE SESSION: Go to: Minnesota State Legislature



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